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Welcome to the CCBMUNXVIII official Press Webpage, in which you will have access to daily updates through Articles about the events taking place in the United Nation Model, taking place in Cali on the 26th, 27th and 28th of November 2020.


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For the sole purpose of staying informed as a part of the CCBMUN, the Press team conformed out of talented writers will offer Articles including the developments of pronounced debates, summarizing the main points disputed over, key arguments, advancement of debate and resolutions of the sessions. 

Hello and welcome to the CCBMUN'S official Press Website! 

As this year's chiefs of press we hope you enjoy all the available content and be informed about each commission. For the first time in this Model's history, there is a section for gossip and classifieds you might enjoy!


Mariana Villegas &

Laura Chaves

Chiefs of Press


Opening Ceremony CCBMUNXVIII

By: Laura Chaves

CCBMUN started strongly, despite the challenges and hardships the COVID-19 pandemic has imposed on the entire population. The opening ceremony for the CCBMUNXVIII took place through the virtual platform Zoom, due to the remote modality all participants are currently in. The Secretary General, Mariana Ramirez gave a brief introduction of the Secretariat team conformed by the Under Secretary General Ernesto Estella, Academic Coordinator Sebastian Cifuentes and Academic Advisor Camila Guevara. As a team they stated “We hope you have a great CCBMUNXVIII Experience!”. 

The ceremony continued by premiering a video via a YouTube Live prepared in advance. A musical tribute performed by the CCB band playing the Colombian National anthem was followed by the Secretariat Team introducing the 17 schools participating during this year, including international institutions based in Mexico. Afterwards, the presidents for each commission were presented to the members of this year's model. 

Mariana Ramirez, the secretary general continued by introducing herself through a thoughtful speech addressing the delegates and different teams conforming the model alongside with the presentation of this year’s theme for the 18th CCBMUN. “The theme of the model is variation, change”, Mariana Ramirez stated and proceeded to describe change as the key concept to keep in mind throughout the next days participating in the model, she considered the “evolving nature of life” and the importance of the challenges change imposes on us in relation to learning experiences. 

Nick Reeves, the CCB Headmaster  welcomed the delegates to the model and invited them to challenge themselves and make the most out of this model, to participate and “learn, learn from each other”. Mr. Reeves proceeded to share a personal anecdote; an accident which challenged him during his youth. His speech was embedded with the theme of perseverance and overcoming challenges, directly connected with the theme of this year's model; “Change and how to overcome challenges”. 

Lastly, Laura Ulloa, a former Colegio Colombo Britanico alumni, shared her own perspective about the theme of change, and how this related to the current circumstances the entire world is living. Laura preceded by exemplifying how times of crisis due to the COVID-19 Pandemic have opened doors to invite positive change, on a personal, local and international level, “sin crisis no hay desafío, y sin desafío no hay cambio”, she stated. Laura Ulloa invited us to challenge ourselves and make the most out of this experience in order to develop our leadership, research and communication skills. 

Although the COVID-19 has imposed a challenge on everyone’s everyday life, the CCBMUN has adapted in order to continue this great academic tradition for the 18th year, despite the virtual modality, forming young leaders and inviting them to involve themselves in modern innovation, to find ways to solve actual problems and inform ourselves regarding the various concerns humanity faces.



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